States in Crisis

Source: American Prospect, Vol. 21 no. 2, March 2010

Articles include:
State Fiscal Gimmicks: A Budgetary Balancing Act
Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene
Phony budget accounting defers the day of reckoning — but raises costs.

Transparency For What?
Mark Schmitt
From our March issue:
The left, right, and center agree that they want more state budget data. But not all data improves policy.

Reform Amid Fiscal Ruin
Greg Anrig
In some states, progressive leadership and grass-roots activism have turned crisis into opportunity for long-deferred tax reform.

A Tour of Six States
Jake Blumgart, Pema Levy, Gabriel Arana and Mikhail Zinshteyn
Snapshots of the fiscal crisis across the nation.

Public Capacity and Public Trust
Dianne Stewart and Michael Lipsky
Can we reverse the vicious circle of frustrated citizens denying state government adequate resources — and then resenting the lack of state services?

Loosening Fiscal Straitjackets
Iris Lav and Jon Shure
Proponents say that caps on taxing and spending enhance democracy. In reality, they destroy accountable government — but that can be changed.

Digging Out, Planning Ahead
Nicholas Johnson and Michael Leachman
The federal government needs to do more to help states survive this downturn — and plan for permanent anti-recession fiscal relief.

California in Crisis
Donald Cohen and Peter Dreier
With a dysfunctional state government unable to act, the universities, schools, and roads that were once the model for the nation are crumbling — if not collapsing.

Buckeye Budget Blues
Amy Hanauer
Ohio has all the reform elements in place — except political will.

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