Grapevine, Fiscal Year 2009-10

Source: James C. Palmer, Grapevine Editor, Center for the Study of Education Policy, 2010

From the press release:
Federal stimulus monies cushioned the impact of the Great Recession on state support for higher education in fiscal year 2009‐2010 (FY10), but they were not enough to prevent declines in most states. According to data reported by the states from September through December 2009 (and still subject to change as states adjust their budgets in the face of ongoing revenue shortfalls) total state support for higher education nationwide–including stimulus monies was approximately $79.4 billion in FY10, a decline of 1.1% from $80.3 billion in FY09 and 1.7% from $80.7 billion in FY08. But without factoring in the stimulus monies, the one year and two year declines in state fiscal support were significantly higher–3.5% and 6.8% respectively. This two‐year decline substantially eroded the recovery in state support from the 2001 recession achieved between FY05 and FY08. During that three year period state support grew 24% from $65.1 billion to $80.7 billion.

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