State Regulations for School Nursing Practice

Source: Susan Praeger, Barbara Zimmerman, Journal of School Nursing, Vol. 25 no. 6, 2009
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From the abstract:
The purpose of this article is to present a state-by-state summary of rules and regulations governing school nursing practice in the United States. Official government and agency sites were reviewed to determine providers of services in schools, criteria for becoming a school nurse, protection of titling, mandates for school nursing, and the requirements for continuing to practice as a school nurse. Trends were identified after verifying regulatory information. The majority of states credential school nurses for practice, with Departments of Education being the most frequent authorizing agency. Almost half (n = 23, 45%) of the states refer to the role of licensed practical nurses in the school setting. Requirements for becoming a school nurse range from licensed practical or vocational nurse (LPN) to registered nurse-bachelor of science degree in nursing with additional education and experience. Limitations related to data collection issues and implications for practice, education, and leadership are discussed.

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