Education Appropriations Tracker

Source: Committee for Education Funding, 2009

Welcome to the Committee for Education Funding’s Appropriation’s Tracker. Below you’ll find 3 features:

1. Appropriations Charts: Click on any of the buttons below to see the amount of funding Congress appropriated to the type of education policy that interests you most. The charts span from Fiscal Year 2001 to Fiscal Year 2009.

2. Full-Funding Gauges: A bill is considered to be fully funded when the House and Senate appropriation subcommittees spend as much money as the House and Senate authorization committees allow. The gauges below will show the percentage of the money Congress said it will spend if the current (Fiscal Year 2010) appropriations bill passes unchanged.

3. A Discretionary Appropriations Graph: See the U.S. Department of Education‘s funding over the past 9 fiscal years. Click on the graph to access the spreadsheets from which the charts were created.

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