A State Policymaker’s Guide to Federal Health Reform

Source: Alan Weil, Katharine Witgert, Jacqueline Scott, Anne Gauthier, Diane Justice, Sonya Schwartz, Chris Cantrell, and Sarabeth Zemel, National Academy for State Health Policy, November 2009

From the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation summary:
With federal health reform potentially on the horizon, state governments will face new opportunities and challenges to improve local health care delivery systems–and ultimately, the health status of their residents. Exploring the effects of health reform on states is essential, as states play critical roles in financing, organizing, and regulating local health care systems.

Three documents released by the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation identify the most challenging and pressing health policy issues that states are currently addressing; describe the array of tools states have to improve their health care systems and look at how federal health reform may affect those tools; and examine the support states will need to implement the changes contemplated in federal health reform legislation.

* Part I: Anticipating How Federal Health Reform Will Affect State Roles
* State Policymakers’ Priorities for Improving the Health System
* Supporting State Policymakers’ Implementation of Federal Health Reform

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