Poverty: A New Agenda Tested by Hard Times

Source: American Prospect, Vol. 20 no. 7, September 2009

Poverty has been low on the political agenda for the last dozen years, but a wave of fresh thinking and quiet innovation makes a new agenda possible. And the economic crisis makes it necessary.

A special report includes:
A Modern Safety Net – Shelley Waters Boots and Karin Martinson

A National Mission – James Crabtree

A New Agenda for Tough Times
– Mark Schmitt and Shelley Waters Boots

Behavioral Theory – Dana Goldstein

Can Separate Be Equal? – Richard D. Kahlenberg

Don’t Forget the Men
– Dick Mendel

Mis-Measuring Poverty – The Editors

Putting Poverty in Its Place
– Manuel Pastor

Race, Wealth, and Intergenerational Poverty – Darrick Hamilton and William Darity Jr.

Recovering Opportunity
– Alan Jenkins

The Poverty of Political Talk – Alec MacGillis

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