Employment in New York City Home Health Care: Industry Profile

Source: New York City Labor Market Information Service, May 2009

Home health care services is one of ten industry groups being profiled by the New York City Labor Market Information Service (NYCLMIS) for the public workforce development system in 2009. The NYCLMIS identified the ten groups in an earlier report, Gauging Employment Prospects in New York City, 2009. In that report, we found that home health care services compared well with the rest of the local labor market on several measures including employment trends and performance during the two previous recessions in New York City.

This profile is meant to help account managers with business development and job placement, career advisors with job counseling, and education and training professionals plan and refine their curriculum and placement activities in the industry. Jobseekers can also use this information to help make career decisions. Icons appear throughout this profile to highlight findings and recommendations of special interest to these audiences.

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