2009 Nurse Earnings Survey

Source: James Fraleigh, RN Magazine, July 2009

For many American workers, the last 2 years have seen a growing storm of stagnant wages, eroding benefits, and feared or actual layoffs. But as recession swamped the economy, the majority of nurses who participated in RN’s biennial earnings survey have enjoyed rising fortunes.

Defying the grim statistics, just over half of our respondents got a raise in the last seven months, with the other half earning one more than seven months ago. On average, raises were 3.2% over their previous wages, which beat or matched 79% of participants’ last increases. Since our 2007 survey, the average annual base pay of salaried nurses (typically in management or administrative positions) grew 10%, or $6,746, to $75,180. Nurses paid by the hour fared even better; their average base earnings rose 13% ($7,460), to $64,018. Combined, nurses received $7,270 more on average, for a 12% raise to an overall base pay of $65,653.

But a few nursing specialties and settings bucked this trend with smaller raises or even declines; hospitals and other medical settings aren’t immune to economic pressures.

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