U.S. Senate Finance Committee Health Reform ‘Public Option’ Score

Source: HSI Network LLC, June 7, 2009

Staffers in the U.S. Senate Finance Committee have released a set of white papers and spoken of a possible Public Option healthcare plan. While there is not yet a specific proposal to score, there is sufficient information to suggest what the impact of the public option design would be, using the ARCOLATM simulation model. The public option plan consists of a health plan design that would provide an additional health insurance choice to US citizens. One of the key assumptions of public plan simulation is the underlying benefit design package. In addition, the nature and extent of premium supports that will be included in order to increase coverage requires an explicit assumption. Below, we summarize the impact of the proposed plan in terms of the reduction on uninsured, the 2010 cost, as well as the ten year cost of the plan in 2010 dollars.

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