The Players: The People and Groups Who Will Influence Health Reform

Source: American Health Line, May 2009

As action on health reform ramps up this spring, it seems ever more likely that Congress will approve such legislation before the August recess. Along the way, various players and forces are lining up to influence the direction of the legislation. At the center of this sphere are congressional lawmakers, tasked by President Obama to write up health reform legislation. The administration itself is serving as a director of sorts, guiding the process along and working to ensure the president’s priorities are included in some form or another. At the same time, groups representing doctors, hospitals and consumers — heavily involved in taking down the last major health reform effort — are weighing in on proposals, stating their concerns and preferences early in the debate.

As lawmakers are expected in coming weeks to unveil legislation that ultimately could overhaul the U.S. health system, the latest On the Issues feature from American Health Line takes an indepth look at the key players and groups in health reform, describing their backgrounds and how they’ve been acting on health reform to date. Once this legislation comes out, AHL plans to provide readers with an analysis of the most important elements.

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