Sensible Approach To Flu Scare Makes No Sense For Many Working Americans

Source: Andrea Orr, Economic Policy Institute, May 5, 2009

President Obama last week advised Americans to take common sense precautions while the severity of the swine flu virus was still unknown, and just stay home from work if they weren’t feeling well.

Problem is, millions of Americans can’t just stay home because they’re under the weather. When EPI looked at corporate sick leave policies in 2007 it found that some 43% of all private-industry workers have no paid sick days. Rather than the common sense precaution the President advises, these workers have a more difficult choice of going to work sick or staying home without pay at the risk of losing their jobs. In this current climate of high unemployment and even higher job insecurity, workers without any formal sick leave are even less likely to risk taking a day off.

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