Labor Shortages and Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Source: Economic Policy Institute, May 27, 2009

The work force needs of U.S. employers are always a matter of debate, as are theories about how best to meet those needs. The chronic shortage of nurses, for instance, belies the fact that there are far more people who are trained as nurses than there are working nurses, and explains why seemingly obvious solutions, such as increased training or increased immigration, are not always sufficient to address imbalances.

At a time of rising unemployment and diminishing job security among American workers, the role that immigration plays in the labor market has become the subject of increased attention. On May 20, EPI hosted a daylong event, Labor Shortages and Comprehensive Immigration Reform, co-sponsored by Johns Hopkins University’s Institute for Policy Studies and the Migration Policy Institute, which examined the way immigration policy could impact the job market.

Below is the full event agenda with presentations attached.

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