Health Insurance Coverage of New York’s Home Care Aides: Findings from a 2008 Survey of Home Care Employers Outside New York City

Source: Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, Health Care for Health Care Workers, April 2009

New York State’s home care workers, who each day serve our health care system, too often lack access to affordable, quality health insurance coverage. At the same time, employers find it challenging to recruit and retain enough workers to meet the increasing demand for services. While lack of adequate, affordable health insurance for home care workers and their families is known to contribute to workforce instability and vacancies, accurate and timely data on the availability of health insurance is simply not available to guide New York policymakers.

There are numerous reasons for policymakers to make this a priority. Direct-care workers comprise the largest group of workers in the state’s health sector and their numbers are expected to continue to grow. In addition, these workers are employed by agencies that are heavily dependent on public funds to provide services; i.e., these workers could be described as subcontracted “public employees.” In addition, direct-care workers face high rates of chronic health conditions and workplace injuries. This situation, in concert with low rates of insurance coverage, contributes to high rates of turnover, which undermines the quality of services for consumers.
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