The Right To Stay Home: alternatives to mass displacement and forced migration in North America

Source: Global Exchange, 2008

At the heart of the fierce national debate over immigration reform legislation in the United States lie the fates of more than twelve million undocumented immigrants, more than half of whom come from Mexico. This debate, which will return to the center of the political stage sometime after the inauguration of Barack Obama, pivots on whether U.S. policy should account for and integrate these immigrants, or reject and criminalize them. Yet an equally important question–often lost from view amidst the heated rhetoric and political posturing that accompany this issue–is what we can do to better the bleak economic conditions in Mexico that compel an additional half million Mexicans to leave home and enter the United States without documentation every year.

In light of this question and Mexico’s leading role in sending immigrants to the United States, we have invited a group of experts from both countries to join in issuing this report, The Right to Stay Home: Alternatives to Mass Displacement and Forced Migration in North America.

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