Solidarity Community Network

Source: Workers’ Activities Programme (ACTRAV) of the International Labour Organization (the ILO), 2009

The Solidarity Community Network ( is a communications system designed especially for the labour movement.

SoliComm provides a powerful World Wide Web search engine which searches only union and union-related sites. It also provides free email for unionists, web-page hosting for labour organizations in developing countries, and computer conferencing facilities for online meetings and labour education.

The goal of the SoliComm project is ambitious but achievable: to make available all the information on the world’s union-related web sites searchable from one site and then begin to categorize that information so that it is useful for union researchers, educators, leaders and members plus the general public. We currently have 300 of the world’s largest labour web sites in the SoliComm search engine and more will be added. If you want to suggest a site for inclusion in SoliComm searches please send an email with the name of the site and its web address.

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