Integrating Public Property in the Realm of Fiscal Transparency and Anti-Corruption Efforts

Source: Olga Kaganova, Urban Institute, April 2008

From the abstract:
The area of government property asset management is relatively new in public management. Most public wealth is concentrated in public property, and expenses associated with it constitute a substantial part of public budgets. The chapter ventures into two international “hot topics”: practical enhancement of public financial resources through better management of property asset and curbing corruption in the historically corrupt area of government-owned property. The chapter provides a conceptual and methodological framework for governmental decision-makers and their advisors and ends by formulating and discussing a number of issues that require further professional and public debate.

This chapter is published in Finding the Money: Public Accountability and Service Efficiency through Fiscal Transparency, Gabor Peteri (Editor), Open Society Institute (OSI), Budapest, 2008.

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