Fiscal High Road

Source: Dēmos and the Century Foundation, February 2009

Recognizing that there is a wealth of sometimes competing and confusing information in our national discussions about the economic crisis and the path to a recovery, The Fiscal High Road project will provide information and analysis squarely aimed at strengthening America’s social insurance programs, such as Social Security and Medicare. Social investments, along with robust infrastructure spending to support good jobs, education and opportunity for America’s families, are the key to widespread economic stability and long-term prosperity.

In the coming months, The Fiscal High Road project will launch a data and policy resource center, develop an advocacy network, and will be engaged in educating journalists, legislators, and the public about issues critical to fair and sustainable economic policy at the national and state level. In the process, it will serve as a peacemaker in the generational wars that are being stoked by well-financed groups that want to cut Social Security and other successful government programs.

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