Climate Impact of the Economic Stimulus Package: Preliminary Findings

Source: ICF International, January 29, 2009

ICF examined the sixteen key energy, environment, and technology provisions, as well as the major highway infrastructure provision of the Economic Stimulus Package proposal circulated to Congress on January 20th, 2009, and analyzed the potential greenhouse gas (GHG) impact of each provision. For some provisions, ICF was able to give quantitative estimates of the annual CO2 increases or reductions based on the amount of money proposed to be spent. For others, ICF developed scenarios to model the potential emissions impact based on how specific energy efficiency and renewable energy funds were spent. For provisions that focused on research and development, targeted tax credits, or funding for non-commercially ready technology, ICF provided qualitative insight as to the potential emissions impacts of these initiatives. The quantitative estimates are preliminary estimates based on limited data and reasonable but unconfirmed assumptions.

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