Juvenile Residential Facility Census, 2004: Selected Findings

Source: Sarah Livsey, Melissa Sickmund, and Anthony Sladky, Office of Justice Programs, National Report Series Bulletin, January 2009

Information about juvenile residential facilities is provided. Findings include: most states had fewer juvenile offenders held in residential placement facilities in 2004 than in 2002; although most facilities are small and private, most offenders were held in large public facilities; security features and size varied across types of facilities; facility crowding affected a substantial proportion of youth in custody; most juvenile offenders were evaluated for educational needs and attended school while held in facilities; most youth offenders were housed in facilities that provided physical care services in 2004; the 2004 Residential Facility Census includes data submitted by 10 tribal facilities; and facilities reported 27 deaths of juveniles in custody over 12 months — 16 were suicides.

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