After Midnight: Late Night Library Services

Source: Lori Driscoll and Angela Mott, Association of Research Libraries, Occasional Paper 23, December 2008
(subscription required)

This study investigated ARL libraries’ regular hours and, if there were late night hours, whether accommodations were made to the building and who had access; which services were offered, how they were staffed, by whom, and at what pay; and who provided building security and what other security services were offered.

The survey data show that most research libraries are not regularly open for 24 hours. Of the 43 that offered some type of regular 24-hour access, 28 used a 24-5 schedule, two used a 24-6 schedule, and 13 used a 24-7 schedule. Of the 70 institutions not regularly open 24 hours, 84% offered later hours at some point during the year. The responses generally indicated that this was during the finals period, which ranged from a few weeks prior to finals to only the days final exams were given.

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