Civil Service Changes for a Better Future

Source: William L. Bransford, Public Manager, Vol. 37 no. 3, Fall 2008
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From the abstract:
This article examines how the changes made in the years following 1978 affect the sustainability of the federal government today as the “brain drain” becomes a reality. The government now has more difficulty recruiting new employees. A laborious application process and pay system, with questionable fairness and adequacy, have created barriers to entry to the Senior Executive Service, where much of the brain drain will occur. OPM is a shadow of its former self: with no FPM, a limited merit system oversight role, and a fee charged for many services, from training to security clearances and background checks. A multitude of different personnel systems–from banking agencies to the Securities and Exchange Commission to the new National Security Personnel System–make it more difficult for OPM to manage the government and for Congress to oversee it.

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