Sun Life Financial Unretirement Index

Source: Sun Life Financial, 2008

The Sun Life Financial Unretirement Index is a new national study on American attitudes toward retirement that will be updated several times each year. Sun Life created this Index because American attitudes toward retirement today are dramatically different from those of previous generations. As traditional views on the “golden years” continue to evolve, so will the financial needs and retirement lifestyles of future generations. The Unretirement Index will monitor these generational and demographic changes.

This web site reveals the initial findings of the first study of the Unretirement Index and includes information about how factors like the economy, careers and family influence today’s workforce. These initial results can be compared to future findings to learn how the concept of retirement is changing as the median age of Americans rises and more Baby Boomers prepare for important decisions, including when to take Social Security and why to choose to leave the workplace.
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