Recession Could Cause Large Increases In Poverty And Push Millions Into Deep Poverty – Stimulus Package Should Include Policies To Ameliorate Harshest Effects Of Downturn

Source: Sharon Parrott, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, November 24, 2008

From the summary:
Like previous recessions, the current downturn is likely to cause significant increases both in the number of Americans who are poor and the number living in “deep poverty,” with incomes below half of the poverty line. Because this recession is likely to be deep and the government safety net for very poor families who lack jobs has weakened significantly in recent years, increases in deep poverty in this recession are likely to be severe. There are a series of steps that federal and state policymakers could take to soften the recession’s harshest impacts and limit the extent of the increases in deep poverty, destitution, and homelessness.

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