Workdays for People in Healthcare Occupations

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Issues in Labor Statistics, Summary 08-07, September 12, 2008

According to 2003-07 data from the American Time Use Survey, people employed in the two healthcare occupation subgroups were more likely than those in other occupations to work on weekend days. Thirty-nine percent of healthcare support employees and 35 percent of healthcare practitioners worked on an average weekend day. By comparison, only 31 percent of those employed in nonhealthcare occupations did so. When they worked on weekend days, people employed in both healthcare occupation subgroups also worked more hours than those employed in other occupations. On weekend workdays, those in healthcare practitioner and technical occupations worked an average of 6.5 hours, and those in healthcare support occupations worked an average of 7.3 hours. By contrast, those employed in all other occupations worked an average of 5.5 hours on weekend days on which they worked.

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