Two Prescriptions for America’s Ills

Source: Consumer Reports, Vol. 73 no. 11, November 2008
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McCain and Obama offer conflicting health plans. Here’s how you’d fare.

Politics aside, Americans overwhelmingly agree that our health-care system needs emergency care. It costs too much, is riddled with waste, and completely leaves out about 46 million people. …

… Their approaches are radically different. Sen. John McCain, Republican of Arizona, Would create a deregulated national insurance market, expand individual coverage, and rely on competition to drive costs down. People with serious health problems could join government subsidized high-risk pools like those that many states run today. Sen. Barack Obama, on the other hand, would set national standards to plug coverage gaps, require that all children be covered, stop insurers from turning sick people away, and subsidize lower-income families’ premiums. The Illinois Democrat’s aim is to spread the risk so broadly that everyone will be able to afford good insurance.

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