The Distribution Of Public Spending For Health Care In The United States, 2002

Source: Thomas M. Selden and Merrile Sing, Health Affairs Web Exclusives, Vol. 27 no. 5, July 2008
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From the abstract:
U.S. health care spending is projected to approach $2.4 trillion in 2008; a large share will be paid by government outlays and tax subsidies. Other countries routinely conduct incidence analysis of public health care spending, yet we know of no recent and comprehensive incidence studies for the United States. We examined data for 2002 from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey aligned to the National Health Expenditure Accounts and augmented with simulated tax subsidies. The public sector accounted for 56.1 percent of health spending within the civilian noninstitutionalized population. Our analysis highlights this sector’s role in financing the care of seniors and people in poor health.

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