Green Affordable Housing: HUD Has Made Progress in Promoting Green Building, but Expanding Efforts Could Help Reduce Energy Costs and Benefit Tenants

Source: Government Accountability Office, GAO-09-46, October 07, 2008

From the summary:
HUD has taken steps to promote energy efficiency by providing information, training, and technical assistance, but its efforts have limitations. HUD has also provided some financial incentives to promote green building, including energy efficiency, for public housing and for a small segment of the multifamily properties HUD supports. Additionally, HUD has developed some performance measures to track the progress of its energy efficiency efforts. However, HUD has not begun requiring energy-efficient products and appliances in its public housing properties, as required by statute. HUD has also not implemented major energy efficiency updates to the building code for manufactured housing in more than a decade. Without such requirements and updates, public housing authorities may be spending more on utility expenses than is necessary and manufacturers may lack an incentive to build energy- efficient manufactured homes. Green building practices can increase up-front costs but may also provide long-term benefits, including financial, environmental, and health benefits.

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