Fostering Dialogue and Debate on all aspects of Labor and Employment Relations

Source: LERA Commons blog, August 2008

Welcome to the LERA Commons, a collection of blogs by members of the Labor and Employment Relations Association. Leading experts span theory, practice and policy in their comments — with the aim of engaging dialogue and debate on all aspects of labor and employment relations. Sixty years ago (when LERA was known as the Industrial Relations Research Association), leaders in the field would each sit at tables during the reception at the annual meeting of the association. People would be able to sit down and raise question, engage in discussions and get to know these prominent individuals. Today, the LERA Commons makes this possible at any time during the year and from any location. Log on and post questions or comments to the blog authors. We only ask that you honor our policy, which limits LERA (and bloggers on the LERA web site) from advocating for specific political candidates or specific pending legislation. We also ask that you help to maintain a climate of constructive engagement. This is an important time for labor and employment relations — we hope and trust that the LERA Commons will help us all to shape the workplace of the future.

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