What Your Broadband Provider Knows About Your Web Use: Deep Packet Inspection and Communications Laws and Policies

Source: Alissa Cooper, Center for Democracy and Technology, Testimony before the House Telecom Subcommittee, July 17, 2008

From the summary:
CDT Testifies Before House Telecom Subcommittee About Online Behavioral Advertising – CDT today testified before the House Telecom Subcommittee regarding the privacy implications of “deep packet inspection,” a technology underlying some online behavioral advertising models. CDT warned that consumers are increasingly concerned about the growing amount of personal data being collected by online advertising practices, but that they are ill-equipped to take steps to protect their privacy. CDT also said that the emerging advertising model partnering ISPs with ad networks brings new legal complexities and privacy risks to the e-commerce equation. CDT urged Congress to take a comprehensive look at online advertising practices and made several recommendations for designing policies and laws that insure consumer privacy and instill trust in the electronic marketplace.
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