6 Signs You Don’t Care about Workers

Source: Liz Ryan, Business Week, July 17, 2008

How to gauge whether your company’s happy talk about employees being its best asset has any basis in reality.

Google is a hot stock, but it’s even hotter as a desirable workplace because of the attention paid to hiring and keeping the best folks on board. When companies talk about valuing talent but don’t put that talk into action, it shows. As a business leader, there are easy ways to gauge whether the happy talk about employees has a basis in reality. Here are our Top Six not-walking-the-walk red flags:
1. The talent chief is a half-chief.
2. HR is a finance function.
3. Recruitment is a black hole.
4. HR is a cost-reduction unit.
5. You’ve outsourced the most critical people functions.
6. Org development and HR aren’t one.

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