Telework: A green solution for the 21st century’s employee crisis

Source: McLean Robbins, Employee Benefit News, June 15, 2008

Experts have debated at length the cost/benefit analysis of telework from productivity, security, and work-life standpoints, but one thing is for certain. Rising energy costs and the trickling economy have lead to a nationwide cash crunch. New data suggests that telework can contribute strongly to reducing pollution, energy consumption and overhead costs for companies.

Nearly 40% of all employees are eligible for telework, but a mere 15% actually do, according to the CDW 2008 Telework Report. Other reports suggest that as little as 4% of the nation’s workforce works from home.

The upcoming book “Undress4Success: The Naked Truth about Working from Home” estimates that, if telework increased to its full potential, Gulf oil imports could be reduced as much as 80%. This equates to $43 billion dollars at the gas pump, 625 million barrels of oil and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 107 million tons, authors Kate Lister and Tom Harnish estimate.
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