Illinois Families Under Stress: The Looming Long-Term Care Crisis

Source: Elizabeth T. Powers, Peter F. Mulhall, and Richard J Winkel, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois, Policy Forum, Vol. 20 no. 5, June 2008

From the abstract:
The demand for long-term care is large and growing rapidly throughout the nation. In Illinois alone there are almost 800 nursing homes with more than 100,000 beds. In addition, about 1.24 million family caregivers provide more than 1.33 billion hours of care each year, conservatively valued at more than $13 billion. Clearly, both the formal and informal long-term care sectors are quite large. Less evident is that both sectors will need to expand and function very well, both separately and together, to meet the predicted growth in demand over the next decades.

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