State Early Care and Education Budget Actions FY 2007 – FY 2008

Source: National Conference of State Legislatures

NCSL is proud to present the results of the first-ever survey of state and territory fiscal staff on early care and education appropriations. Because of states’ growing interest in early care and education, NCSL developed a survey of state appropriations in four categories: child care, prekindergarten, parent education/home visiting, and any additional early learning strategies. The survey asked state and territory fiscal staff for FY 2007 and FY 2008 appropriations.

Overall reported total appropriations to early care and education increased by more than $1.07 billion between FY 2007 and FY 2008. State general fund appropriations for child care, prekindergarten and home visiting increased by $1.2 billion between FY 2007 and FY 2008. States reported a reduction in TANF appropriations for child care by almost $190 million, but an increase of $40 million in dedicated funds appropriations for prekindergarten and home visiting. This survey was designed to collect data on state efforts in early care and education and emphasized general fund appropriations; states were not asked to report their federal fund allocations. Some federal funds are reflected as noted in the charts. These overall figures are likely to be an undercounting of the entire state appropriations in these programs because not all states reported and not all states reported on all programs. These issues are reflected in the findings and the charts.

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