Public Health Leaders Unveil Blueprint for Tackling Climate Change

Source: American Public Health Association

The American Public Health Association (APHA) today unveiled its first-ever blueprint for combating the health impacts of climate change, representing the culmination of a process involving some of the nation’s leading public health and climate change experts.

The blueprint’s top recommendations for the public health community call for:
• Education and outreach, working to ensure that public health concerns are included in policies and programs related to climate change;
• Research such as vulnerability assessments for specific communities and federally funded analyses of how the health impacts vary by region and population;
• Advocacy, including helping decision makers understand the climate-health connection and strengthening the capacity of the public health work force to prepare and respond;
• Support of best practices that build on existing public health programs that can help address climate change and that promote the development of healthy communities; and
• Healthy behaviors such as helping the public health system go green, and walking or biking instead of driving a car, and reducing, reusing and recycling.

Full Document (PDF; 199 KB)

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