Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Iowa Democratic Caucus…But Were Afraid to Ask

Source: FairVote

Iowa Democratic Caucus

Quick Facts:
• If a Democratic candidate doesn’t reach the threshold of support necessary to win delegates (typically 15 percent, but sometimes higher) at a particular caucus, the candidate’s supporters usually switch to their second choice.
• Republicans choose candidates by secret ballot, but for Iowa Democrats, there are no ballots. All caucusing is done by physically standing with fellow supporters.
• The number of delegates up for grabs depends on how many Democrats voted in each precinct in the last gubernatorial and presidential elections.
• We may never know the raw vote count in the Democratic caucuses, or how the vote count changed after second choices come into play.
• The number of voters could be very small. In 2004, only 125,000 people participated in the Iowa caucus. On January 3, 2008, some sports fans may be lured away from the caucuses by the Orange Bowl, starting at 7 pm Iowa time.

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