Employees Who Call in “Sick” Probably Aren’t, CCH Annual Survey Finds

Source: CCH Employee Benefits Management Directions
November 6, 2007

Two-thirds of U.S. workers who call in sick at the last minute do so for reason other than physical illness, according to the findings of the 17th annual CCH Unscheduled Absence Survey. Consistent with survey findings dating back to 2001, personal illness is the most frequent reason given for unscheduled absences with 34 percent of respondents pointing to it as being the cause of employees’ last minute “no-shows.” However, that leaves 66 percent of all unscheduled absences to be the result of something other than personal illness. According to the 2007 survey, those reasons include family issues (22 percent), personal needs (18 percent), an entitlement mentality (13 percent) and stress and burnout 913 percent). The average absenteeism rate is 2.3 percent in 2007, down slightly from 2.5 percent last year.

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