Social Workers and Safety

Source: National Association of Social Workers, WKF-MISC-1308, 2007

In 2004, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) partnered with the Center for Health Workforce Studies, University at Albany, to conduct a benchmark national study of 10,000 licensed social workers. The study achieved a response rate of nearly 50 percent. The information presented in this fact sheet is based on that study and its findings.

The study examined a number of variables related to licensed social workers and their practices, including demographic information, practice issues, services to clients, and workplace issues. In response to the question, “Are you faced with personal safety issues in your primary employment practice?” a surprising 44 percent of the respondents answered affirmatively. Thirty percent of these social workers did not think that their employers adequately addressed the safety issues.

This fact sheet explores some of the factors associated with social workers who face personal safety issues in their employment.

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