Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Progress Report: Findings From A 2006 National Survey Of Seniors

Source: Patricia Neuman, Michelle Kitchman Strollo, Stuart Guterman, William H. Rogers, Angela Li, Angie Mae C. Rodday, and Dana Gelb Safran, Health Affairs, Vol. 26, no. 5, published online 21 August 2007

A national survey in 2006 found that Part D secured drug coverage for most seniors who were without it in 2005, prior to the Medicare drug benefit. Seniors without drug coverage in 2006 generally fell into two groups: those in relatively good health and those potentially difficult to reach. Compared with seniors covered through employer plans or the Department of Veterans Affairs, Part D enrollees had higher out-of-pocket spending and greater cost-related nonadherence. Low-income subsidies offered protection against high out-of-pocket spending; without them, one-third of Part D enrollees at or below 150 percent of poverty paid more than $100 a month for their medications.

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