Preliminary Statistics for Law Enforcement Officers Killed in 2006

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Press release, May 14, 2007

Preliminary statistics released today by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indicate that 48 law enforcement officers died in 2006 as a result of felonious line-of-duty attacks. Nearly half of the officers (22) were killed in the South; 11 officers were murdered in the West; 7 officers were slain in the Northeast; 6 were killed in the Midwest; and 2 officers were slain in the territory of Puerto Rico. The number of officers feloniously killed in the Nation was 7 fewer than those slain in the line of duty in 2005.

The 48 officer deaths occurred in 47 separate incidents. Forty-one of the 47 incidents were cleared by arrest or exceptional means. Of the officers killed, 12 were slain in arrest situations; 9 were ambushed; 9 were killed in traffic pursuits/stops; 8 were slain while answering disturbance calls; 6 were murdered while investigating suspicious persons or circumstances; 2 were killed in tactical situations (e.g., barricaded offender, hostage taking, etc.); 1 officer was slain while handling, transporting, or having custody of a prisoner(s); and 1 officer was slain while handling a mentally deranged person(s).

The FBI will release final statistics in the Uniform Crime Reporting Program’s annual publication Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, which will be published on the Internet in the fall of this year.

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