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Siren to consider contracting for police protection

Source: Todd Beckmann, Sentinel News, October 19, 2011

…September, October and November are budget months when it comes to local units of government and like all other municipalities, Siren is feeling the pinch of the poor economy….”One of the options for the committee was to contract with the county for police protection, but with all of the approvals necessary, it would be an uphill battle to get it all done by the end of the year,” Siren Village Administrator Martin Shutt explained.

Editorial: Cost-shifting no way to balance budget

Source: Sheboygan Press, October 15, 2011

If the City of Sheboygan were to take the savings from privatizing garbage collection and cut taxes, we’d support the idea in a second….. Privatizing garbage collection in this fashion may make economic sense to a city struggling to make ends meet, but it hurts taxpayers. We appreciate that there could be some long-term savings because the city would not have to replace its fleet of garbage trucks as they age. But taxpayers would only see the benefit if the savings actually reduces the tax levy and isn’t used to cover an increase somewhere else.
Sheboygan council committee votes to privatize garbage collection
Source: Dan Benson, Sheboygan Press, November 9, 2011

Union objects to privatizing

Source: Kay James, Dells Events, October 7, 2011

The city of Wisconsin Dells employees union presented its case against subcontracting jobs to private companies to members of the city personnel committee in what committee and union members acknowledged was a tense meeting Monday evening….One problem, Rainford said he saw with contracting was that local governments do a lot of different things and provide high quality services. When the city buys a service, its bids asked for only part of the services and then comparisons are not apples to apples.

…Bob Hall had prepared a handout on his job showing 14 items not covered by the bid for the cemetery work….Next up to speak was custodian Karl Griffin, who has worked 22 years taking care of city buildings…Last to answer Rainford’s questions was Tim Hall….Tim Hall also said that besides mowing he picks up garbage, cleans restrooms in the parks, blows off walks, and repairs and fixes things, which are not part of the bid. He said he also does lines and dragging of the ball fields, maintenance at the swimming pool, edging sidewalks and trimming.

Council looks into privatizing sanitation

Source: Kay James, WiscNews, August 19, 2011

The City of Wisconsin Dells is moving ahead with plans to go to private contractors for garbage pickup, mowing and janitorial services.

The city’s finance committee Monday during a closed session authorized Mayor Brian Landers to meet with the city unions to discuss moving to private contractors.

Landers told the Events that garbage pickup would be first and that no employees would have to be laid off. Two public works department employees will be retiring this year. Two people work on garbage pickup and those two could be moved into other positions within the public works department.

Milton might contract with Janesville for waste pick-up

Source: Neil Johnson , Marcia Nelesen, Gazette, August 19, 2011

City officials in Janesville and Milton are investigating whether they can save money by sharing services….. Milton’s five-year contract with Waste Management is set to expire. Milton City Administrator Jerry Schuetz said the city decided in June to seek proposals for garbage services because Waste Management’s costs “have gone up substantially.” Milton ran its own garbage and recycling service with city employees until 2005, when it decided to privatize the service, Schuetz said.

City to consider privatizing services

Source: Kay James, WiscNews, June 28, 2011

The city of Wisconsin Dells is just beginning work on its 2012 budget and part of that process this year will be to consider privatizing some city services. Mayor Brian Landers, in a press release, said, “I have also informed the Personnel Committee that I will request service bids from qualified private businesses to estimate their performance of certain city services for “Exploratory Cost Analysis”. The solicitation will include the following specific services: 1. Custodial services for all city buildings; 2. Outdoor maintenance and lawn care of all city properties; 3. Snow removal of city lots, alleys, and streets; 4. Garbage pick up for residential; and 5. Cemetery care and management.

Bail group touts job potential

Source: Don Walker, Journal Sentinel, June 18, 2011

Gov. Scott Walker promised he would create more jobs in Wisconsin. The American Bail Coalition says it can help, with a privately run bail bonds system it says will create 1,500 jobs….Wisconsin hasn’t had a bail bondsmen system since 1979. And judges say they want no part of bail bondsmen.

Wisconsin university playing privatization trick

Source: Peter Rickman, Public Values, June 17, 2011

On the heels of secret meetings conducted by University administration with leaders in the corridors of power of education, business, and politics, Chancellor Martin rolled out a vague proposal of new principles for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. …..Some call Chancellor Martin’s Badger Partnership a de facto privatization of the University. Even while she protests that she does not seek privatization, critics say that the implications of the proposal indeed amount to privatization because the University of Wisconsin-Madison would become a state-subsidized entity without democratic accountability to state government and responsible for raising its funds from private sources like tuition and gifts. While privatization concerns many, the shift from a public university serving the public good to something else unstated troubles even those who do not call the proposal full-scale privatization.

Large budget cuts approved by Monona Grove school board for second straight year

Source: Adam Mella, Herald-Independent, April 19, 2011

…The board followed Rossing’s recommendation that the district not renew it’s contract with Chartwells food service for the 2011-2012 school year, after surveys revealed most were unsatisfied with the contracted service at Glacial Drumlin and the High School.

Rossing recommended going back to in-house service, and told the board he would provide a more detailed plan for returning to in-house service at the May board meeting, if they approved that change.

Rossing said his study revealed decreasing participation rates and cited difficulties in having Chartwells management overseeing district employees.