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VITA project raises doubts on privatization

Source: By Matt Rosenberg, Daily Progress (VA), September 26, 2009

Fallout from a controversial shift to a privately run computer network has some Virginia leaders rethinking their affinity for outsourcing.

But the state, if only for financial reasons, shows no sign of retreating from what some call “government by contract.”

“This privatizing has got to stop,” said Senate Majority Leader Richard L. Saslaw of Fairfax County, a business-friendly Democrat. “That’s become an excuse for not paying for services. . . . What are you going to do for your next act–sell the Capitol?”


Kaine: Private liquor stores risk consumption increase

Source: By: William C. Flook,  Examiner, August 28, 2009

Privatizing Virginia’s liquor stores could lead to increased alcohol consumption as private sellers seek to boost their sales, Gov. Tim Kaine said Thursday, criticizing a key part of Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell’s plan to fund transportation.

…. Virginia’s 335 liquor stores sold $665 million worth of booze last fiscal year and generated $111 million in profit, which funds state programs.

Privatization Can Transform the Delivery of State Psychiatric Services

source: By Leonard C. Gilroy, AICP, Reason Foundation, December 29, 2008

Governor Kaine’s newly-unveiled package of budget cuts includes proposals that may foster a paradigm shift in how the Commonwealth delivers mental health services. Calling Virginia a “dinosaur,” Gov. Kaine noted how other states have embraced the advice of many in the mental health profession by transitioning most psychiatric patients out of state institutions and into community-based care centers closer to family members and social and economic opportunities.

Private Interest In Rail To Dulles

Source: By Amy Gardner, Washington Post (VA), Monday, January 28, 2008

Private equity investors are drawing up proposals to partner with Virginia for a rail line to Dulles International Airport as hope fades that the federal government will help fund the 23-mile Metrorail extension.

State officials said several equity groups have expressed interest in investing in a rail since Thursday, when U.S. transportation officials declared the project unfit for federal funding. The $5 billion project had been counting on a $900 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration.

Private purchase of the rail line or the Dulles Toll Road to fund the extension would attract strong opposition from those who believe such public infrastructure is far too valuable to hand over to for-profit corporations. But with the outlook for keeping the rail project alive bleak, regional business and political leaders who are adamant that the rail line must not die are increasingly of the mind that private partnership must be considered.

Waste company denied access to local landfill / BFI accused of improper dumping

Source: By Erica M. Bush, The Winchester Star (VA), Thursday, November 22, 2007

Winchester — The Frederick County Sanitary Landfill is officially off-limits to a waste management company that lost its contract with the county over alleged wrongdoing.

County Administrator John Riley confirmed on Wednesday that Browning-Ferris Industries has been denied access and prohibited from dumping any trash into the county landfill.