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2 bills focus on curbing government activity

Source: Deseret Morning News (UT), Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2008 12:37 a.m. MST

Two bills before the Utah State Legislature could keep government from dabbling into private enterprise. The House Government Operations Committee punted a decision on both HB 75 and HB 76 on Monday. Rep. Craig Frank, R-Pleasant Grove, who sponsored the bills, said the state and local governments need to curb activity that is not part of their core missions.

…….. HB 75 would require the government to set up an advisory board that would review and create an inventory of all commercial activities the government is providing. The board would then report to the government privatization policy board, which has been in place for years.

…….. The other bill, HB76, would abolish the government privatization policy board altogether. Instead, the state, cities and counties would have to create a commission to whom businesses could appeal the operations of publicly funded projects that compete with them, including golf courses, reception halls and recreation centers.