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Houston latest US city turning off red-light cameras, opponents calling it a nationwide trend

Source: Associated Press, August 25, 2011

HOUSTON — Houston became the latest U.S. city to turn off its red-light traffic cameras on Wednesday, less than a month after Los Angeles did the same, in a move that camera opponents said reflects a gradual nationwide trend to abandon the devices….. [M]ore than 500 municipalities — including New York, Washington and other large cities — still use them….More than a dozen cities now ban the cameras, as do nine states. …Company spokesman Charles Territo said American Traffic Solutions still has 300 towns and cities as customers, including New York, Washington, New Orleans, Kansas City and 80 communities in Florida. And the Scottsdale, Ariz.,-based company expects to set another record in 2011 for new camera installations.

State contractor’s tenure a ‘disaster from the beginning’

Source: Steve Giegerich, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 18, 2011

The contractor the state hired in May to assess the needs of Missouri’s 50,000-plus Medicaid recipients botched the job from the outset, according to health care providers and advocates, former employees and internal memos obtained by the Post-Dispatch.

The company’s problems surfaced Friday after the company missed its payroll and then laid off 29 employees. But those were mere symptoms of larger issues with Indianapolis-based SynCare LLC, which conducts screenings designed to keep Medicaid patients at home and out of more costly extended-care facilities.

State re-hires janitorial company targeted in 2007 immigration sting

Source: Missourian, Friday, October 1, 2010 |


The janitorial company that generated national news after a 2007 immigration raid in a state government building is working for the Missouri government once again.

Sam’s Janitorial Services, owned by Kwabena Asamoah-Boadu, has been contracted to clean several of the state’s government buildings in Jefferson City, said Wanda Seeney, spokeswoman at the state Department of Labor.

…. The renewed employment with the state comes three years after authorities detained roughly two dozen of the Sam’s Janitorial employees in an immigration raid on the Truman Building in Jefferson City. Only a few of the detained workers were found guilty, according to an earlier Associated Press story.

Springfield Schools May Outsource Bus System

Source: Reported by: Jennifer Denman, Ozarks First (MO), Tuesday, Dec 16, 2008 @07:57pm CST

The Springfield School District is in need of management to oversee its school bus system and the district is considering outsourcing the job or jobs.

……. Hosmer says he’s not opposed to outsourcing, but worries what this could mean down the road. “You also have to understand these companies are taking part of your business and are doing it on a profit basis. the companies are making money off what they are doing for the district and you have to ask why can’t we figure out how to do that in the district,” says Hosmer.

State orders autopsy of developmentally disabled man

Source: By CHERYL WITTENAUER, Associated Press (MO), January 10, 2008

State officials have ordered an autopsy into the sudden death this week of a developmentally disabled man at a St. Louis-area group home.

Bob Bax, spokesman for the Missouri Department of Mental Health, said 47-year-old Jessie Thompson was found dead in his room Tuesday night.

…….. Thompson was moved in August from the state-run Bellefontaine Habilitation Center in St. Louis County.

Under Gov. Matt Blunt, the state has been trying to close or reduce the Bellefontaine center, citing a belief that clients would be safer in private homes.

Rally held in opposition to Bellefontaine plan

Source: Maria Hickey, KWMU, December 17, 2007

A group of parents and employees held a rally Monday opposing plans for privatization at the Bellefontaine Habilitation Center.

The Missouri Department of Mental Health announced in August it would seek private vendors to take on 120 of the residents at private, community-based programs.

But many employees and parents are unhappy with the plan.