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Ted K slams Mitt for outsourcing jobs: Mass. work farmed out to India, Utah

Source: By Kevin Rothstein, Boston Herald (MA), Thursday, February 23, 2006

Under fire from U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the Romney administration yesterday defended its policy of outsourcing state jobs, saying that Massachusetts work formerly done in India is now handled in the United States – albeit in Utah. …. “Even governments are part of the offshoring bandwagon,” Kennedy said. “The state of Massachusetts has hired a contractor that uses workers in Bangladesh to process Medicaid data. It’s hired another contractor using workers in India to answer questions about food stamps.” Kennedy’s staff later acknowledged the jobs were sent to India, not Bangladesh, but argued that the principle is the same. ….. JPMorgan Chase, the previous food stamp contractor, had farmed out the call center work to India. When that contract expired, though, the state Department of Transitional Assistance required the work be done in the United States. Call center giant ACS was awarded the $27 million, seven-year contract.