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Idaho fines private prison for contract violations

Source: By REBECCA BOONE, Associated Press,  Jun 1, 2010

BOISE, Idaho — The state is ordering private prison company Correction Corporation of America to pay thousands of dollars and fix problems with drug and alcohol treatment and medical care at the Idaho Correctional Center.

Ten of 13 drug and alcohol counselors at the prison near Boise aren’t qualified to provide treatment under CCA’s contract with the state, according to records obtained by The Associated Press.

… Among other problems found in the audits, inmates in the prison’s infirmary were sometimes left alone, without any working pager or call-light system to call a nurse or doctor in an emergency. They also were going too long between medical checks by nursing staff, according to the records.

ACS Announces $18.5 Million Contract with Idaho Medicaid

Source: ACS news release, November 20, 2007: 08:30 AM EST

Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. today announced a contract with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to provide pharmacy benefits management (PBM) services for its Medicaid program. The contract has a length of up to 10 years and a total value of $18.5 million, if a three-year option is exercised.

Idaho prisons face overcrowding

Source: Associated Press (ID)
Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2005

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — When Idaho shipped 302 inmates to a private Minnesota prison last month, it was only easing overcrowding: The state’s prisons remain above capacity, and Department of Correction officials appear likely to ask for a nearly $8 million cash infusion during the upcoming 2006 Legislature to handle the overflow. With a two-year contract, it’ll cost Idaho about $1.1 million more to lock up its prisoners at the prison in Appleton, Minn., run by the Corrections Corporation of America. That’s based on figures given by state officials on Oct. 27, when they said it would cost $53 per day in Minnesota, compared to $48 in Idaho.