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Case Studies of Contracting Back In

Source: Restructuring Local Government, Cornell University, 2006

New survey evidence shows that public officials are finding that privatization has its limits. While contracting out continues to be widely used by many local governments, the practice of “contracting back in” – where governments choose to resume in-house production following a period of privately produced service – is becoming increasingly common. These are cases of local governments bringing previously contracted work back in- house.

State definition of Indiana business stretches borders

Source: By The Associated Press (IN), Monday July 17, 2006

More than 80 percent of the money spent on state purchases went to in-state vendors, according to a state database — but a newspaper analysis found that not all of those companies were based in Indiana.

A recent “Buy Indiana” report tracking state expenditures on goods and services from July 1, 2005, to June 19, 2006, classified the University of Cincinnati and the University of Utah as in-state vendors, The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette found.

…… Gov. Mitch Daniels made increasing state procurement from Indiana companies a plank of his 2004 campaign. Published reports at the time said at least 15 percent of the professional services and 40 percent of the goods bought by the state were from out-of-state companies. …… But the state has changed the definition of what constitutes an Indiana business. …… last year, Daniels and the General Assembly expanded the definition to include any business that makes significant capital investments in Indiana or has a substantial positive economic effect in the state.

Database aims for secure contracts

Source: By JAMES M. ODATO, Albany Times Union (NY), Thursday, March 9, 2006

ALBANY — Comptroller Alan Hevesi is pushing prospective contractors to put their histories into a new centralized computer database if they hope to get state work. In an effort to weed out corrupt and unworthy business partners, Hevesi hopes state agencies will use his office’s new $4.8 million system to check backgrounds provided by the companies seeking state contracts. …… Hevesi said the comptroller’s office is paying for the system. Called VendRep, it will be loaded with data from an online questionnaire vendors will be asked to fill out, probably starting in tember. State agencies would be expected to examine the database before awarding contracts.

Arizona: Welcome to the Jobs Privatization Project

The Arizona Department of Economic Security is in the process of considering proposals for contracting out case management services related to its TANF wwork program, known as the Jobs program. As part of the contracting process, DES has posted voluminous information on its website.

“The State of Arizona Forty-Sixth Legislature, Second Regular Session 2004 passed Senate Bill 1265 which amended Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) 46-300.01. ARS 46-300.01(as amended) requires the Arizona Department of Economic Security to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the statewide privatization throughout the state for case management and employment services necessary to operate the Jobs Program.”