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Cincinnati loses tax case in golf course privatization

Source: Dan Monk, Business Courier, December 10, 2010

The Ohio Tax Commissioner has ruled against the city of Cincinnati in a dispute over property taxes on city-owned golf courses, a ruling that could cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

The Dec. 7 ruling is in response to a complaint filed by private golf-course operator Paul Macke, who argued the city-owned Woodland Golf Course should not be exempt from property taxes because the city turned the management of the courses over to a for-profit company. The city argued its courses continue to be operated for a public purpose and should therefore be exempt.

Ohio Tax Commissioner Richard Levin sided with Macke, ordering Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes to restore the 43-acre property to the tax rolls retroactive to 2009.

Taxpayer Data Used at Contractor Facilities May Be at Risk for Unauthorized Access or Disclosure

Source: Treasury Inspector General for the Tax Administration, May 18, 2010

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides its taxpayer data to contractors who store and process the data at their own facilities in support of the IRS’ mission of tax administration. The IRS did not have effective processes to identify all contractors with IRS taxpayer data that require annual security reviews by the IRS and did not ensure computer security weaknesses identified at contractor facilities during security reviews have been corrected. As a result, taxpayer data may be at risk for unauthorized access or disclosure.