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Municipalities look to the auction block for help with financial hardships

Source: Derek Prall, American City and County, July 24, 2013

Across the country, municipalities are dealing with financial hardships. In dire circumstances, some cities have looked into auctioning off valuable art and artifacts to appease creditors.

Harrisburg, Pa., leaders hope that this month’s auction of Wild West memorabilia will help beef up budgets, according to local paper, The Patriot News…. According to a CNN report, Detroit’s Institute of Arts’ (DIA) approximately 60,000-piece collection may soon be on the chopping block. Although Graham Beal, director of the Arts Institute could not give CNN a definitive value of the collection, he estimated it could be in the billions of dollars….

Cash-strapped Harrisburg cleared to sell “Wild West” items

Source: Hilary Russ, Reuters, February 8, 2013

The city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is gambling that Wyatt Earp’s poker table and other Wild West artifacts will ante up some cash to help the city get back on its financial feet. The fiscally distressed Pennsylvania capital got the green light on Friday to auction off thousands of Wild West artifacts painstakingly corralled by its former mayor for a museum that was never built.

Middletown Task Force Recommends Merging Departments To Save Money

Source: Shawn R. Beals, Hartford Courant, May 15, 2012

The Mayor’s Task Force on Efficiency in Government has recommended the merger of five city hall departments, and the use of employee performance reviews, as ways to cut costs….The task force recommended: merging the information systems and tax assessor departments into the finance department; merging the personnel, legal and human resources departments; transferring the arts office and building division into the planning department; transferring the parks division and parking department into the public works department; and merging the senior services and recreation departments….

Is Baltimore selling its past? / Governments increasingly look to sell or lease historic sites

Source: Jean Marbella, Baltimore Sun, March 24, 2012

It is the clearest sign of the direction historic preservation may be going: Even a building called Government House, a 19th-century mansion in Baltimore’s Midtown neighborhood, is now in private hands….The 15 properties identified for possible sale or lease include the mansion at Cylburn Arboretum, President Street Station and the Old Town Friends’ Meeting House, which dates to 1781 and is the city’s oldest religious structure. Some properties such as the Upton Mansion and Clifton Park Valve House have fallen into disrepair; others are still being used by city agencies.

Common Council to tackle Overture Center amendments and proposals

Source: Maggie DeGroot, Daily Cardnial, November 29, 2010

On Tuesday the City Council is expected to make final decisions about the future of the Overture Center. However, in the past week, two city alders have released a new proposed model for the Overture Center. In addition, the city alders proposed amendments for the private model and the center’s independent consultant released his final report.
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