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The Private Takeover That Hasn’t Happened: Fact Check

Source: Keegan Kyle, Voice of San Diego, June 12, 2012

….Discussing the suits during a recent interview with KPBS, Goldsmith said he wanted to avoid the legal delays that followed approval of a 2006 initiative that allowed San Diego to put city services out to bid to see whether the private sector could do them cheaper. The process is also known as managed competition….We decided to Fact Check Goldsmith’s claim that city employees had won all the bids…. The city has assessed private and public bids for three services — street sweeping, publishing and vehicle maintenance — and awarded the contract to city employees each time….The city is now in the process of evaluating bids for four other services: customer support for public utilities, Miramar Landfill operations, street and sidewalk maintenance, and other maintenance of public infrastructure. Each contract is scheduled to be awarded sometime next year.

WSU Members score another victory in latest ULP settlement over contracting out

Source: Federation Hotline: WFSE/AFSCME News Service, June 13, 2012

Washington State University members scored another victory when the university and the Federation on June 5 settled an unfair labor practice complaint over the contracting out of “re-branding” work in the WSU pool that should have been done by members. The work involved painting new logos and the like. In the settlement, “WSU acknowledges by not including this information, the opportunity to bargain prior to contracting out this work was not provided and this could constitute a refusal-to-bargain violation.

Custodians worry as OCSD 5 considers hiring private firm

Source: Dale Linder-Altman, Times and Democrat, June 11, 2012

Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five custodians are on edge after learning that the district is considering hiring a private company for custodial services and grounds management….

….Meanwhile, some employees say they’re concerned moving to a private contractor could harm their ability to provide for themselves and their families. They’ve asked not to be identified because they worry about their jobs. One custodian said she recently asked officials if employees would be able to keep their benefits if the district hires private contractors to supply the services. “They did not respond,” she said…

Inmates May Soon Work Inside Central Ohio School District

Source: Tom Brockman, NBC4, May 24, 2012

…Leaders with the Fairbanks Local Schools in Union County are currently working on a partnership with the Ohio Reformatory for Women. The grass outside Fairbanks High School in Union County is freshly cut. In just a couple weeks, the ones doing the cutting may be inmates….Whether it’s mowing the grass or cleaning the halls, Humble said eight inmates will do it all….

Christie Administration Expanded Privatization Portfolio in New Jersey in 2011

Source: Leonard Gilroy, Reason Foundation, May 15, 2012

Initiatives advanced in toll collection, road maintenance, racing facilities and more… Major current and recent privatization initiatives advanced in New Jersey include: Highway Maintenance, State Parks, Manual Toll Collection, State-Run Horse Racing Facilities, New Jersey Lottery, Vehicle Fleet Ownership, Operation and Maintenance, Correctional Food Services Pilot Project, Child Support Payment/Receipt Processing, Montclair State University Housing PPP, New Jersey Network, and NJ Transit Parking.

Some Non-Professional Jobs at Florida State Hospital are Privatized

Source: Sid Riley, Jackson County Times, May 11, 2012

In his promised ongoing effort to reduce the costs of delivering state services, Governor Scott continues to convert selected state jobs and services back to the private sector. This Monday Hospital Administrator Diane James, of the Florida State Hospital in Chattahoochee, met with impacted employees to discuss the upcoming transition. Some 226 state jobs in Maintenance and Housekeeping will be privatized, effective June 30….Aramark representatives will be on the hospital campus this week to begin interviewing all impacted employees. By May 25, the retention decisions will be made, and those selected workers who wish to become Aramark employees will be hired.

Quincy facilities department consolidations could mean bigger changes

Source: Jessica Bartlett, Boston Globe, April 17, 2012

The consolidation of facilities management departments for Quincy and the city’s schools may entail the addition of new positions as moving the merged departments to a new location. According to Mayor Thomas Koch, who met with School Committee members on April 11 to discuss the merger, the move is designed to create efficiencies in the immediate future, which also would save the city money in the long run….

….Under the new plan, approximately 16 people — including the director of maintenance and his secretary and several tradesmen, would be taken out of the school budget and put into the Public Buildings Department budget….

Public Advocate Bill De Blasio says city should cut business ties with car wash in labor probe / City paid Lage Management Corp. $170G for cleanings despite investigation alleging it cheated workers out of wages

Source: Erica Pearson, New York Daily News, April 9, 2012

City agencies are spending big money prettying up official vehicles at a car wash empire that is currently being investigated for alleged dirty labor practices, the Daily News has learned. The city has paid Lage Management Corp. more than $170,000 for car cleanings since 2010, including $12,207 in the last three months, says Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who wants the business relationship to stop….Amid an ongoing push by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union to organize Lage employees, scores have come forward to complain they are making just $5.50 an hour — or $1.75 below state minimum wage. They also complain of being denied overtime, having their tips grabbed up and being subjected to harsh working conditions.