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Dallas will install 40 more red light cameras

Source: By DAVE LEVINTHAL, The Dallas Morning (TX), Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Forty more red light cameras will monitor Dallas intersections as the City Council voted Wednesday to more than double the size of its service contract with camera vendor Affiliated Computer Services.

The 8-2 vote boosts Dallas-based ACS’s contract from five years and $13.29 million to seven years and $29.1 million. It also means Dallas will operate 100 total red light cameras — not including dummy devices meant to mimic functional cameras.

Many D.C. Red-Light Cameras Broken / City May Have Lost Millions in Fines

Source: By Nikita Stewart and Yolanda Woodlee, Washington Post, Tuesday, March 13, 2007

About half of the 50 red-light enforcement cameras in the District have been out of service in recent months, giving a pass to drivers and potentially depriving the city of millions of dollars in fines, according to a firm that has taken over the system.

……. Although officials were not able to estimate the amount of lost revenue, the city has collected more than $40 million in fines from drivers photographed running red lights from August 1999 to January, according to the D.C. police Web site. More than $128 million has been collected for speeding violations in the automated system since 2001. The cameras were managed during that time by a rival to ATS, Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services, or ACS, which was criticized recently in a city audit for its poor management of the city’s 16,500 parking meters.